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A mystery enzyme that stops aging


A mystery enzyme that stops aging

     TELOMERASE ENZYME is an anti-aging supplement and it is directly responsible for cells’ aging. Our Telos95® formula is more direct and faster. It immediately enters the bloodstream through capillaries under the tongue due to a very low molecular size (small enough to pass into your blood through a mucous membrane beneath the tongue). In addition, the formula doesn’t break apart during this process or suffer any other metabolic changes. You will receive much greater benefits right away, sometimes within hours.

Telomere Length - A key to healthy cell.  Recent discoveries in cellular biology point to a direct link between telomeres and longevity. 

Why are telomeres important?

*In any living organism, aging is the result of the cell replication process.

*The telomeres reach a point where the cells no longer function properly.

*When telomeres are “critically short”, cells become senescent, unable to divide.

*Therefore, the % of short telomeres is the most precise indicator of an organism's aging. 

*Short Telomeres causes may cause:

Stem Cells: Cancer

Blood Cells: Weak inmunity/Asthma/Allergies

Connective Tissue:Wrinkles, Arthritis, Osteoporosis

Reproductive Organs:Infertility, Menopause

Beta Cells: Diabetes

Brain: CNS(Central Nervous System) Diseases, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons,Dementia

Heart/ Arteries: Cardiovascular Disease, 

Hypertension & Atherosclerosis

Retina: Macular Degeneration

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