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​About Us

Ameri-Vita is one of the most popular brands owned by GMP Nutrition Enterprises Inc.  We provide a wide range of vitamins and nutritional supplements through a network of preferred retailers all over the continental U.S. and through a worldwide e-commerce platform.


With the expansion of the company and rising market needs, Ameri-Vita has begun to working directly with GMP Nutrition Enterprises Inc., who are a licensed and FDA approved quality manufacturer.  Ameri-Vita is capable of expanding and growing to produce many different varieties of vitamins and nutritional supplements to satisfy the market needs. 

With a focus on premium customer care, quality products and competitive pricing; Ameri-Vita seeks to promote the health and well-being of its customers, and has global aspirations for its own branded range of vitamins and nutritional supplement products that it markets to consumers through leading edge e-commerce platforms and through our preferred retailers.  Our unparalleled service includes quality control, client satisfaction and much more.  From our quality manufacturer to our production staff, GMP employees are all trained with FDA rules and regulations.  Visit us and see the difference for yourself.

Mission Statement

Ameri-Vita is devoted to provide the highest quality nutritional products.  Ameri-Vita’s products are guaranteed in quality, purity and potency.  By providing highest quality products, GMP is strongly positioned to be an ongoing partner and resource for our clients.  The commitment underscores our dedication and loyalty to our customers.  Join us to experience the difference. 

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